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Terms & Conditions

terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms before completing the purchase:

To confirm availability or reserve a product, write to us through the store contact form.

In the event that unavailable products are ordered, the shipping / delivery time will be from 2 to 4 weeks, and you will be notified by mail or by mobile message.

All prices are in Saudi riyals and are subject to modification and change at any time without prior notice.

All specifications mentioned are for reference only, and you can refer to the manufacturers' websites for full details and specifications about the products.

The products subject to warranty are by the company, and we do not have any responsibility after you receive the device, and you must review the companies in case you need a guarantee.

The store has the right to cancel the customer's request in the event of an error in the system or pricing.

In the event that the product is not available, the customer has the right to request a replacement, and he is not entitled to claim the same product if it is not available.

The customer must properly record his real information, including:

Full name


Telephone number

Customer information will be used when sending orders by shipping companies, and the site is not responsible for non-arrival of the request due to providing us with incorrect information, or failure to update the data by the customer.

The site is not responsible for price changes, whether high or low, as the price is linked to the source pricing in terms of supply and demand for the commodity or special offers. In addition to being affected by the change in the currency exchange rates of the Saudi riyal.